Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chesapeake Chicks

This is a sad, sad post, only because I had such high hopes for Wood Chicks BBQ in Chesapeake, VA. This place has won nearly every award in the southern bbq book, which makes me wonder: Is my bbq palate simply not up to snuff? Do I have some serious affliction affecting my taste buds unbeknownst to me? Am I just impossible to please? I am choosing for now to believe that we just went on a bad day; after all, even the best have their unfortunate moments, don't they?

Jon and I both ordered the pulled pork sandwich platter, as usual, and with the spicy tomato-based bbq sauce. The sauce was damn good, but it was too overpowering and just too much for the dried-out pork. I know they cook their pigs for 16 hours, but this poor swine seemed like he laid in a smoker for a full day and then sat out in the hot sun for another. A sauna would have been better, then maybe some moisture would have found its way back into the meat where it belongs.

The baked beans were infused with the smokiness of Chick's own beef brisket, and I could have eaten a whole pound. Ditto for the mac n cheese, save the brisket, but sides should never outshine the star of the show. I think we might have to go back for part 2, because I'm hoping this show ain't over.

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