Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweetest Treats

It's a miracle these little gems made it home safe and sound. Aren't they just sweet and lovely? They came from Hello Cupcake, a new joint downtown. Since I was feeling sassy, Prima Donna was an obvious choice, but mostly I just couldn't resist the chocolate puff topped with a fluffy pink strawberry buttercream cloud and sugar sprinkles like pink snowflakes. Just one, I was only going to get one, but then I had to see if the lemon was as good as my mom's, and You Tart!, this dreamy jewel with the palest buttery yellow lemon cream cheese frosting was like a burst of citrus sunshine. At $3 a pop, and nearly too pretty to eat, I thought these babies better be good, but I'd have to wait. I wanted to surprise Big J with a sweet treat. It was no easy feat watching over the little buggers on the trip home on the metro. It seemed that people could actually smell, or maybe sense, what was inside the delicate white pastry bag cradled carefully in my arms. That one lady who almost smushed them with her enormous backpack would have been in big trouble, and that man with the enormous butt who nearly sat on me – nearly sat on them! – the nerve...This little bundle of joy was causing me a lot of stress!

But hellllooo cupcake – these beauties were worth every dollar. Each cake is heavy with goodness, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, real citrus zests. Some are even vegan and gluten-free, although I hope to never try them. Traditionalists can get plain jane ones, with chocolate or vanilla cake and chocolate or vanilla icing and confetti sprinkles. It's a party!

Looks like owner-baker Penny Karas doesn't mess around. And she may think she's Greek, but a woman who can make something this pretty and luscious has got to have some southern in her. I'll bet $3 on it.

I wonder if she could make a bacon chocolate one, topped with real, crunchy bacon bits. Oh my, I think I'm drooling.

Find it at 1351 Connecticut Avenue, NW, just south of Dupont Circle, across from the Metro.

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